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Title: Holding On (Until It's Over)
Author: pexylexy
Fandom: Graceland
Pairing/Characters: Paul Briggs/Johnny Tuturro
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Obviously not true, all lies. No harm or offence intended.
AN: Can you believe it? I haz written something. But hey, it's only been like 2 years or something. No big deal. Links to AO3. Coda to 1x10 King's Castle, you know which scene.

Holding On (Until It's Over)
23rd-Dec-2013 09:57 pm - Merry Christmas! <3
May we all be only minimally annoyed by our families and may the holidays be over soon.

1st-Dec-2013 11:43 am - RIP Paul Walker
[cf] kelly/shay
Let's just all take a moment or ten to even process this. #gonetoosoon

sarah shahi phone
Yes, I do realize they have broken up and it's not even about them really. BUT OMG, don't you just wanna bury your hands in his hair and UNF. Also, his hand. On her neck. It's kinda hot.

ETA: So, Tyler Hoechlin and Brittany Snow are dating? I learn all the things today. They are really adorable together but OMG, really, 5'4" vs. 6', let me just take a few minutes to shed a tear or ten.
[HF-O] adam/kono
Urgh, I have all these ideas that I'm never gonna write (probably). Anyways, just to have them stored away permanently, I'm gonna post them here. If by any chance anyone feels inspired, feel free to adopt bunnies as you please.

Bunnies under the cutCollapse )

I think that's all for the moment.
[tvd] damon I&#39;ve trusted you
I'm very good at starting things but this is going absolutely nowhere because I'm all kinds of emotionally involved but I have no brain for writing anymore. Work is sucking the energy right out of me.

If you haven't seen s03e04, this will probably not make much sense.

Isaac-centric, maybe, kinda, blink-and-you-miss-it, implied Derek/Isaac
warnings for implied physical and mental abuse (canon)

It's pouring outside, of course it is.Collapse )
[cf] kelly/shay
Now lisapy74, before you get all upset, I might revisit this when I'm on holiday in September but I cannot promise that I will ever have the time to finish this, so...

There are parts missing in between because I was writing this whenever inspiration struck so bear with me. Also slightly ignores canon timeline.

Title taken from the Daughtry song of the same name, if you don't know it go listen to it now, it's the perfect Kelly/Shay song.

We're not gonna fall
Chicago Fire
Kelly/Shay, guest appearance by Matt and Dawson

You and I are never going downCollapse )
[hockey] sean hair hot
So basically, this is unfinished fic that will probably not get finished anytime soon or ever. I will be posting everything that got a bit longer and it will be marked Graveyard.

So let's start with this. It was supposed to be sequel to 11:59 but yeah, life happens and this kinda didn't get finished. If anyone feels like picking this up, just let me know.

(King of) Wishful Thinking
Sean Avery/Henrik Lundqvist, guest appearances by Dan Girardi, Marc Staal and Martin Brodeur

Henrik is restless.Collapse )
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